How to make homemade braided rugs


Today we are going to teach you make awesome braided rugs for you lovely home. This a cool, old-fashioned floor covers that barely require any sewing.

Things you will need

  • A sturdy canvas
  • Scissors
  • Really long fabrics in different colors that you want
  • Tapes
  • Black yarn
  • Tapestry needle
  • Strong fabric glue
  • Aerosal Polycrylic Protective Finish spray


What you should do

  1. Firstly choose the size of the rug that you want. Then take a piece of canvas and cut it base on the size that you want. After you have done that set it aside.
  2. Take the long strips of fabric and rip them. You will need to have braids about 2.5 feet longer than the length of the canvas piece. This may seem like a lot but the fabric will get shorter after braiding it and you will need extra for the fringe. Please braid enough ropes in order to completely cover the mat. I know it is really time consuming. So you can actually do this while watching TV for a whole week.
  3. Tape the end of every braid, as it will be an easy access later.
  4. After you have finish braiding all the fabrics, glue the braids on the mat. Keep an even amount of braid hanging over the edge of each side. Just use as much glue as you want so that you will get a very sturdy rug.
  5. For the edges of the rug base, use the black yard and a tapestry needle to stitch along them to tack down each braid.
  6. So now remove the tapes and detach each of the braid after the yarn line and trim the edges so that your fringe will be even.
  7. To seal the rug, go outdoors and use Polycrylic Finish. This will help make your rug waterproof and more durable on a rainy day.


The best part about this is that you can choose any colors that you want and is different than the ones you will find in the stores. If you love this then you should make more and made them in funky colors!


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